You are Your Own Best Guide

I stumbled across this quote in my feed at just the right time. Believing there are no such thing as coincidences I took at as a sign to get off Dr Google and stop obsessing over all the things I ‘should’ be doing – eat better, sleep longer, exercise more, breath deeper, meditate harder, shift my energy, focus on my gut health, and try not to get a degenerative disease. The list goes on.

The issue may not be in the list itself but that behind each of these dot points is a list of sub points with just as many differing recommendations on how to go about achieving everything on the list. It’s exhausting, and now that I know more, I’m more fatigued than when I began.

So while we have an abundance of research at our fingertips, resources on demand, a plethora of health professionals, and the advice of our family and friends just a phone call away, we have lost some of the innate ability to simply tap in and find what we need from our wisest source…us.

So often we are on an all consuming journey to fix ourselves, based on the advice of others, following a path that worked for them. And that’s great, we get to pick through their strategies and see if the advice translates for us. But we miss the fact that ‘we’ are not ‘them’.

We bring our own physiology, psychology, and energy to our issues so it makes sense that we are the ones best placed to solve them. Maybe it’s time to take a small step back from information and a giant leap into intuition.  So how do we reconnect with our inner wisdom?

Maybe start a few simple questions and ‘feel’ the answer rather than ‘think’ about what you should be doing.

  • What does my body need right now? (Rest, sleep, exercise, food, medicine, herbal support, other).
  • What does my mind need right now? (Stimulation or rest? How can I get this?) 
  • What am I feeling right now? (Observe the sensation of being happy, sad, angry, frustrated, guilty, anxious, tired, jealous…or whatever the emotion is).
  • Why do I feel like this? What are the triggers that lead me here? (Could I reframe my triggers and see my situation with a new lens? 
  • What do my emotions teach me? (What are all the positives I could take away from feeling this emotion? 

These are just a few basics to open up space to hear from your higher self. So while external information can be valuable, so too is your own internal compass. At the end of the day whatever feels right for you in the moment is true. It’s time to be reintroduced to your sixth sense and embrace what it has to tell you. No one is better placed to define your path than you.