Meet Lisa

Just because you have a thought doesn’t make it a fact.”

Hi. I’m Lisa. I’m a married mum of two teenage kids, and a big fan of all things food, health and wellness. I have an absolute passion for understanding how we as ‘humans’ work – what makes us tick and why we do what we do; and sharing this learning with others.  There’s nothing more rewarding than a light bulb moment (be it big or small) that helps us shift to a more empowered state.  

My interest in all things people began with a career in corporate Human Resources. However after many years coaching employees for improved performance at work, my genuine desire was to coach ‘real people’ in how to improve their experience of ‘real life’. So I left the corporate world to fully indulge my side-gig, health and wellness. I became a certified Nutrition Consultant and a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Combining years of corporate coaching and development, with a deeper understanding of how the mind and body works, I get what keeps us stuck in unhealthy and unhelpful belief systems and behaviour patterns – whether these be around work, career, family, relationships, food or fitness.

Real success lies in moving beyond our experiences and the stories well tell ourselves based on those experiences. It’s not the experience itself that defines us but rather the meaning we attach to it. My goal is to teach others the tools that give back the power to reframe experiences, to change the meaning, and to move forward with a fresh outlook.

Rapid Transformational Therapy effectively addresses unfinished emotional business and ‘wipes the slate clean’ for a better future. I’m excited to share this technique and help others become a better version of themselves.