Happy Clients


I have always suffered from over-obligation and people pleasing. I can’t remember a time when I made a decision based on my own needs rather than meeting the expectations of someone else. After my program with Lisa I had absolute clarity around where this behaviour stemmed from and felt a new sense of confidence to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. I love my hypnosis recordings and am so happy with the changes I am already seeing. I finally feel free.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for over fifteen years in a corporate capacity. She exudes warmth, compassion, is a great listener, and has an absolute commitment to getting results. She is easy to talk to, non-judgemental and brings a sense of humour to issues that bring us out of our comfort zone. Having had several sessions with Lisa I am sold. I have listened to my recording on repeat and am having some life changing results. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


I’ve always thought I understood why I was the way I was, however working with Lisa has given me a new depth of understanding and awareness, along with the tools and a desire to start creating the reality I want to experience, on a daily basis.  She is honest and sincere and comes from a place of genuine understanding and empathy. You really get the sense that she wants these techniques to improve the way you see yourself and interact in the world. She is the consummate professional, yet there is a warmth and very human element to her, that doesn’t judge or make you feel inadequate. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her program to anyone wanting to change old beliefs and limiting mindsets.