are you a soul led entrepreneur?
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are you a soul led entrepreneur?

You want to create a business that is a genuine expression of who you are?
You have a genuine desire to serve others?
You constantly strive to improve your skills and grow as a professional.
You surround yourself with people who understand your value system and love to collaborate. your
You prioritise service over profits.
You have a powerful vision for your business.
When it comes to business you follow your intuition.
You have a calling to transform the world and do something of significance.
Creating your business feels like a calling rather than something you do to fill in time.
You are a bit of a personal development junkie.
You feel like you are on an eternal search for the truth of who you are and what you are hear to do.
You enjoy sharing your gifts with the world.
You understand you are a limitless creator capable of manifesting anything you want in your life.