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Understanding where and why you feel ‘uncomfortable’ in life is the first step in upgrading your story. It is this discomfort that wakes you up to the personal potential that you intuitively know exists, but that you may not know how to tap into.  That’s where Human Design comes in. 
Human Design (or HD) is a self-awareness tool to help you navigate your life in alignment with who you truly are and awaken your innate power and potential. It provides a road-map for understanding 'you' and offers practical strategies to make more informed decisions, take aligned action, create greater peace and flow, and improve relationships (with yourself and others). As an energetic blueprint for success, you can bring your body and mind back into balance and reduce the fears and stresses of everyday life.
Human Design is not a personality test and is based on your birth date, time and location. In simple terms it brings together elements of western astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu Brahmin Chakra System, blending modern quantum mechanics with human consciousness, biochemistry and astrology. These come together to create a diagram or map of your energetic body known as your 'bodygraph' or chart. 
Once you understand your unique Human Design you can begin to identify where human conditioning and social programming has taken you out of your true nature, and steered your story ‘off-course’.   Together we can re-write the old narratives and beliefs, so you can get out of your own way and start creating a life you love.
If you feel called to investigate your design further, you can access your free HD chart or personalised HD report below.


Once you understand your unique Human Design you can begin to identify where social programming and conditioning is in opposition to your true nature. That's where we can really get into your story and re-write the narrative based on the truth of who you really are.
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