The RTT Program

My Rapid Transformational Program is a four part journey to success, combining both RTT and one-on-coaching. The RTT component is a review of your past; uncovering limiting beliefs, success blockers and habits; while the coaching element focuses on how you can use this information to move forward and create the life you want.

Phase 1: Understanding You

We spend 30 – 45 minutes chatting about the habits, behaviours and beliefs that are holding you back, and how you want your life to look and feel moving forward – your ideal ‘magic wand’ outcome.

Phase 2: RTT Session

This 90 – 120 minute session digs deep into the experiences, beliefs, and stories that are at the root cause of your issue. Using hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques we review your past, re-frame your mindset and give you positive suggestions to move forward with.

Phase 3: Your Personal Hypnotic Recording

At the end of your session you will receive a personalised hypnotic recording that you will listen to every day for 28 days. The recording is an essential part of the program, ensuring you effectively integrate new beliefs, habits and behaviours into your daily life.

Phase 4: Coaching

I will check in with you for two 30 minute coaching calls over the 28 days. The first call will be one to two weeks after your session, with a second call at 28 days. During these calls we will reflect on your progress after the RTT session and discuss useful strategies for integration into your present and future.