I run private workshops for small or large groups, corporates, community groups or schools on request. Please contact me for further information.


I AM ENOUGH Self Empowerment Workshop – 2.5 hours

Every one of us is born with an abundance of self-confidence. But over time we receive feedback or have experiences that lead us to a belief that we are not enough.  The feeling of not being good enough, or worthy enough, or interesting enough can be a major contributor for depression, stress and anxiety.

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I AM ENOUGH Self Empowerment Workshop for Teens – 90 minutes

In a modern world, fuelled by social media and external validation, we have lost our inner compass and our confidence. Targeted specifically to the teen/young adult audience this workshop gives back the power of self-belief.  It unlocks the success that teens feel so held back from, and gives them the freedom to be themselves. 

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SHRINK – Thinking Yourself Thin Weight Loss Workshop – 4 hours

Are you tired of the ‘beat yourself up’ cycle that comes with traditional approaches to weight loss? Are you tired of extreme dieting and unreasonable exercise routines? The reality is that sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough. Weight gain is a direct result of the behavioural choices we make every day, and our behaviour is driven by our emotional relationship with food.  We use food to soothe unhappy feelings and to temporarily switch off from negative emotions. “It’s not what you eat. It’s what’s eating you.”

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