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"be your own plot twist."

hi, I'm Lisa
....and I'm passionate about helping you re-write your story. 

If there’s something that you want in your life (and you currently don't have it) then there will also be a ‘story’ around why it’s not available to you! And no matter how hard you manifest, wish, hussle or try to obtain it, things will stay the same until the story gets a much needed ‘edit’. 
That’s where I can help! My mission is to help you unpack what’s keeping you stuck, shift old stories and narratives, and create the next chapter of your life from a place of empowerment and freedom. Whether it’s a career change, new business, relationship, abundance, health goal or anything else you desire, it all starts with a new perspective and a personal re-write!
Affectionately branded ‘practical woo woo’, my signature method (EDIT) is a unique combination of intuitive coaching, human design and energetic clearing designed to reconnect you to the truth of you really are.  

You are not here to play a bit part in the story of your own life; you are here to be the heroine!
The boring bits:
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • MAP (Make Anything Possible) Practitioner
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant
what's your story?
are you buying into any of the following narratives....

self & health 
"I'm not enough; I'm too much; what will other people think?; I'll be rejected or criticised;  I'm a fraud; I'll be found out; the worst will happen; I'm afraid; I don't know what I want; I'm confused; I don't like myself; happiness isn't for me; I have no control."

work & career 
“I’m not qualified; I'm not creative enough; I'm not smart enough; it's already been done; someone else is doing it better; I don’t know where to start; I don’t have the resources; it isn’t a good time; I'm too old; it’s not perfect; who would listen to me?”

"I can't manifest; there is never enough; others will always have more; I'm not worthy of financial success; I don't deserve abundance; when I get something I want I lose it; I'll never be wealthy; it's too hard to; I have to do more; I have no freedom."

“I'm not enough; I don't deserve love; I never learn; nothing good ever lasts; relationships are painful; I never get what I expect; I'm better off alone; I'd rather do things myself; nobody listens to me; I don't get any support; it's not my fault; people let me down.”
are you ready for a re-write?
no more alluding yourself with the voice of the ego; your soul story is waiting!

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