the re-tale therapist
integrated mindset therapy

stop believing the s#*t you sell yourself and start telling a better story.

hi, I'm Lisa

I'm an integrative therapist passionate about helping you get out of your own way. 

Many of my clients are successful women who appear to 'have it all together' but who live with a relentless and exhausting inner critic. That was also me!

Feeling 'not good enough' can keep you stuck in unhelpful and negative thought loops, impacting your health and getting in the way of your goals - both personally and professionally.

My mission is to help you unpack what's keeping you stuck, and shift old stories and behaviours. Together we use the power of your unique energy system to create the life you want - instead of experiencing more of what you don't want.

My approach is practical and down to earth with a healthy dose of humour.

The boring bits:
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Certified MAP Process Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant

From self-sabotage
To self-acceptance
how might you choose to live and what might you choose to do if you knew you were already enough?

My sessions are designed to explore and dissolve the unhelpful stories, beliefs, fears and behaviours that are keeping you stuck. 

  • feeling not good enough
  • fear of failure (or success) 
  • confidence & self-esteem issues
  • stress & anxiety
  • perfectionism
  • relationship issues (self & others)
  • procrastination & decision making
  • money and abundance issues
  • triggers
Together we: 
  • unpack your unique energy system
  • identify where you are experiencing resistance and conditioning
  • unravel the stories you have told yourself and upgrade the narrative
  • dissolve limiting beliefs 
  • overcome fears
  • integrate unprocessed emotions
  • reprogram your nervous system
  • reconnect you to the core of who you are
My method is a unique combination of human design systems, neuroscience-based coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP.  The result is improved clarity and comfort around your sense of self, a renewed inner peace, and the confidence to move forward.

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