one month to freedom
"the first 7 days"

Want to take a sneak peek inside the one month to freedom program? This is your opportunity to sample the first week of wisdom and insights for free. 

express reset - mindset detox

Some of my favourite mindset exercises to get to know yourself quickly - what you believe, what you fear and what you feel. Valuable insights to notice where you are standing in your own way and the opportunity to plant some new mindset seeds. 

the affirmation alternative

Affirmations not giving you the desired results? Up-level your manifestation power by swapping out affirmations for something a little different and a whole lot more effective.

intention & gratitude journal

There is no better way to start building your manifestation muscle than  by focusing on what you want to create, how you want to feel, and the things that bring you joy. This journal offers you a daily ritual for 'getting it down' to start drawing your desires to you.

"i am enough" audio 

One of the most pervasive limiting beliefs we have is that we are 'not enough'. But what might you choose to do or be if you knew that you were amazing just for being you. Enjoy this complimentary hypnotic meditation to step back into your power and change your life.

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