personalised HD reports & sessions

Energetic Blueprint Report 

This report covers the fundamental elements of your design. It represents the "big picture" and defines your type and the basic structure of your energetic field.  This helps you understand who you truly are and let go of the things that are stopping you from being your authentic self. It allows you to consider how you show up the world and what serves your highest purpose.
Your Energetic Blueprint Report includes:
  • Your Energy Type
  • Your Strategy
  • Your Authority
  • Your Signature
  • Your Not-Self Theme
  • Your Definition
  • Your Defined Centres
  • Your Sensory Variables
As this is a custom report please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your inbox!
Design Matrix Report

This report  zooms in on the intricate details of your bodygraph. These are the elements that make you "uniquely you". If you LOVE DETAILS, this is your opportunity to really explore all of the highly personal characteristics of your chart.

Your Design Matrix Report includes:
  • Your Gates
  • Your Channels
  • Your Incarnation Cross 
  • Your Arrows/Perspectives 
Please note - this report requires an understanding of your Human Design Type and is only available to clients who have purchased Report 1 - Your Energetic Blueprint (available above).
As this is a custom report please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your inbox!

Human Design Guided Tour

Want to know more about what your Human Design means and how you can apply it an in actionable way? In this 90 minute session I dive into the details and identify where your specific challenges and opportunities lie. You will also enjoy a taste of my 'get REAL' clearing protocol, working on one of your current challenges.

All sessions conducted via Zoom.


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