What is RTT?

“The pharmacy between your ears is the most powerful medicine.” Dr Mark Hyman

RTT specifically targets the personal belief systems that hold us back; the self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we engage in every day on a subconscious level, that limit our true potential. By tapping into the subconscious mind, RTT enables us to work through old belief systems. When we understand where, why and how they came to us in the first place, we can re-wire our thinking to heal and move forward. Our mind has all the information we need to be the very best version of ourselves and RTT is the key to unlocking that unique power.

The changes achieved through RTT are permanent and do not require ongoing therapy appointments. For some, significant change can be realised after just one session, while others may require a number of sessions. Regardless, RTT is not a ‘repeat business’ brand of therapy and prides itself on achieving personal freedom and growth quickly and easily.

RTT was developed by world renowned psychologist, speaker, author, and celebrity therapist Marisa Peer. Marisa has spent over 30 years fine tuning this personal brand of therapy, combining the very best techniques from a number of modalities – hypnotherapy, NLP, psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy.